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Dr Lei Wang

Lic Ac. BMed MMed MATCM

With over 30 years of experience as a TCM practitioner and nearly 20 of those years running the Chinese Medical Centre clinic in Gloucester, Lei has consistently provided exceptional care to patients from Gloucestershire and beyond.


While the efficacy of TCM treatments varies for different individuals, these following health conditions generally respond well to TCM treatments:

Musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. chronic muscle pain, joint pain, dental pain, postoperative pain)

Stress-related conditions (e.g. anxiety, depression, insomnia, IBS)

Headaches and migraines

Women's health

Skin complaints


We specialise in the following types of TCM treatments:


The insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific acupoints

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The application of glass suction cups using the traditional flame cupping technique


A tradition massage technique for relieving muscle and joint pain and improving circulation 

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Bespoke prescription of herbal remedies for your specific condition


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